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Kaamdhenu - The Origins

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Kaamdhenu is the divine cow who is the mother of all cows. Like her daughter Nandini, she could grant any wish for the true seeker. Kamadhenu provided Vasishta  with his needs for the sacrifices. Kamadhenu (kama-dhenu, 'wish-cow'), was a miraculous cow of plenty who could give her owner whatever he desired.


Kamadhenu is sometimes said to be the daughter of Daksha, and the wife of the rishi Kasyapa. Kamadhenu appeared on earth as one of the precious things that were brought to light in the Churning of the Ocean. The gods presented her to the Saptarishis and she became the property of the sage Vasishtha.



When the eight Vasus visited Vashishta's ashram with their wives, one of the wives took a fancy to Kamadhenu and asked her husband to steal it from Vashishta. He stole it with the help of the others, and was cursed by Vashishta to be born in the world of men. The seven Vasus who assist in stealing Kamadhenu have their curse softened to be liberated from their human birth as soon as they are born, but the last Vasu, due to his being instrumental in the theft, is cursed to endure a longer life on the earth, though the curse is softened so that he becomes one of the most illustrious men of his times. He is born as Bhishma. The other seven were born as the older siblings of Bhishma, who were drowned by their mother Ganga as soon as they were born, thus fulfilling the softened curse on them.



Kaamdhenu - Gau Mata




A pictorial presentation on the Integration of cow in our lives.  This image was forwarded to us by email.   We felt it was an excellent attempt at summing up what the power of Cow is about !!




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